Lucite jewelry components are made from high-quality acrylic
ideal for lightweight, durable
and versatile design applications.
Mediterranean inspired lucite beads for jewelry and accessories
Lucite Beads

Pear and coin-shaped lucite beads with Mediterranean-inspired engravings.
Lacey lasercut lucite shapes for jewelry and accessories
Lacy Laser Cut
Lucite Cutouts

Pearshape and oval lasercut shapes - 2-sided
opaque/mother of pearl
Geometric shapes lucite beads in several shapes and colors
Lucite Beads

Round, oval and square,
foiled lucite cabochons
Round and square lucite beads for jewlery
Bon Bon
Lucite Beads

Square and round
lucite beads - mat and bright
Pearshaped, round and oval transluscent lucite beads for jewlery
Lucite Beads

Pearshaped, round and oval translucent lucite beads.
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Grooved Pearshaped
Lucite Beads

Available in two colors.

View on shop-site - Barrel shape lucite beads - one size - four mother-of-pearl colors
Barrel Shape
Lucite Beads

Available in four colors
mother of pearl.