E.H. Ashley & Co., Inc. has a unique collection of raw brass and silver settings and filligree items to enhance or to be enhanced with stones, beads, pearls and pendants. Encrusted filigree beads come in several shapes and sizes for opulant necklaces like this one from Bead and Wire or simply to string as earrings. Metal settings made to perfectly sit SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS for dangling, sewing or glueing fancy stones can be found in a variety of shape and sizes.
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Encrusted Filigree Beads are available in 13 mm and 8 mm round and 13/6 mm. A variety of colors, either solid or multi- in gold and silver, comprise this collection of unique metal beads. Combine with SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS
pearls and crystals
for dramatic jewelry.
German Filigree Settings 1
German Filigree Settings 2
German Filigree Settings 3
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