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EHA Custom Coatings and Effects are created with EHA SELECT Brilliance Crystal, Preciosa Crystal, Aurora Crystal, and EHA SELECT Hand-Crafted Glass.
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E.H. Ashley has been the industry leader in producing custom effects and coatings on crystal for more than 20 years. Our coatings transform colors in the most beautiful ways, and we are known worldwide for this product. In order to offer customers an expanded variety of our exclusive EHA CUSTOM COATINGS & CUSTOM EFFECTS brand, and to provide improved delivery and service, we've implemented a four-week rotating schedule for all coatings and effects. View Production Schedule | FAQ & Ordering Info

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Ordering Information | Fequently Asked Questions - FAQ

  • The EHA Custom Coatings production is done using very controlled processes and strict guidelines.

  • All product is inspected before being shipped out to customers.

  • EHA Custom Coatings & Effects Production is based on the availability of the base stones.

  • If you need a coating by a certain date please consult your salesperson.

  • Due to the hand done nature of the process, there is a high likelihood of some color variation and slight flaws.

  • We strive to attain the highest quality for all our products however, this product cannot be returned as it is all produced to order.

  • Please call your salesperson to verify product information before placing your order.

  • All products are subject to availability and the above terms and conditions.